Using video in your course

One of the main areas that I focus on in my profession is the integration of technology into the standard course experience. Video is a huge area, obvously, and it’s also an issue, as there’s still no way around gigantic files in some cases, which makes servers strain and drives people generally a little nuts.

This app caught my attention this morning, and after trying it out, it’s pretty cool. It occurred to me right away that if you were in a course where there was current video content out there that was being updated in a semi-regular news fashion, you could have students subscribing to specific types of news for a course, so that you knew what they were seeing – might be a cool way to push some interaction without you really having to do anything extra! For example, you could have students add TechCrunch to their list of news sources, and if you also had TechCrunch, it’s reasonable then that you’d know what had popped up in their feed, and you could use this a springboard for discussions. I’m just throwing things at the wall here. I’ll play with this a bit more later on, but thought I’d pass it to whomever was interested…