“Your iPad: The New Mobile Office” is LIVE!

Happy days, my friends, happy days – my Udemy iPad course is live and ready for signup!

A bit of background: I was designing some iPad tutorials and lessons for office productivity and file management a few months back, and decided that for the amount of work I was putting in, it should be a bigger project than it was. Enter Udemy.

I had taken a couple of coding courses on Udemy.com, and I’ve taken courses with a lot of the free / MOOC / education-for-all sites – Udacity, Coursera, edX – Udemy is certainly a different kind of model, and I’ll admit that the fact that it was a paid (as well as free) model gave me pause. But I have to say that, having taken a couple of paid courses and seeing how well the iPad app translates the already-great web interface, I knew it was the perfect venue for my courses.

So! There it is. It’s $49, which will include all future iOS updates and the whole shebang, so I think it’s a fair price. This course brings together everything I’ve learned about making my iPad the only thing I need to bring with me on a daily basis – and I have a lot of irons in the fire, people, believe me. It’s completely changed the way I work and live, and that’s no joke. I hope you like what I’ve put together, and I really appreciate your support as I tinker with this model of online course delivery!

Sign up now!

Or, check out the trailer first.


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