Back and happily Reflecting…

The Modern Classroom returns after a brief hiatus. Okay, a few months. I was being reprogrammed; what can I say?

Later this week I hope to have my first round of thoughts on my experience as a student (again – yikes) – this time in one of the edX courses offered by MIT. So far, so good, but definitely food for thought as a whole as to how this whole MOOC thing is playing out from a user standpoint.

In the meantime, I’ve been finishing up an iBook that I hope to release for free via iTunes in the next month or so, and in compiling information and clips for that, I’ve been using a new-ish piece of software called Reflector (formerly called Reflection). If you have heard of it, it’s basically a means by which you can AirPlay your iPad to your Mac or PC screen and record your “movements” on your iPad in real time. Very cool stuff, and so far, it works pretty well, though the speed of the recording definitely depends on the speed of the WiFi network you’re on. Regardless, have a look – if you the type to want to “broadcast” your iPad in a classroom, meeting, or training session, it’s definitely worth the fifteen bucks! More soon.


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